Codifying the world of flowers

When I was a child, my mother would do Ikebana flower arranging classes at the Japanese Community Centre. A decade earlier, this film from 1973 reminds me of this time. Although obviously aesthetic, the rules were more meaningful such as the seven branch format which represented the Buddhist hierarchy of the universe. I am interested in the conceptual ideas of Ikebana as well as the act of idealizing, not trying to copy nature in a small space. The Ikebana arrangement is also not considered complete without it’s alcove (the architecture and placement in the architecture). Ikebana creates an alternative, artificial or virtual landscape that is idealized and structured based on various rules for formats and placement. For my practice, I’m interested in how Ikebana as the creation of idealized landscapes and the codification of nature/landscape mirrors the creation of the same through digital means in video games, virtual reality and computer generated animations.