Collaboration with Emma Lehto

I’m collaborating on a body of work with artist Emma Lehto. The nature of the collaboration is a dialogue back and forth between us through works we are making on our own and works we are making collaboratively. Emma’s work usually centres around text and the deconstruction of books. She cuts, and layers, and sorts, and rearranges both the text within books and the physical attributes of the book object. I’ve made a series of negative/positive space figure studies to hand over to Emma for a next move. Emma has handed to me some off cuts from recent book (Helmut Newton portraits) she altered and I’ve started some collage studies. I’m also finding that the ideas we are exchanging are stimulating ideas in my other studio work such as the figure studies and my exploration of positive and negative space. In these works I’m experimenting with soft wax layers and then cutting and peeling the wax to create three dimensional texture and to reveal the marks underneath. There is some connection to Emma’s way to cutting into the layers of pages to reveal other patterns and create three dimensional structure. Emma in turn has said she’s realized she can move beyond text and work also with the images within books. Emma’s work can be found at