Digital Drawings

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v 3.0

These digital drawings are metaphors about the traditions of painting. They are virtual beings in conversation with the materials of traditional painting and sketching, and the fundamental forms and shapes of drawing and rendering.

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Large Scale/Mural












I embrace digital innovation in conversation with the analog as a distinct marker of what is “contemporary” and unique for our times. I am interested in my personal relationship with digital technology and the way that ubiquitous technology is interpreting and shaping our experiences in the real world. I am further attempting to grasp how technology is evolving our experience of visual representation. For example, I am fascinated with how the visual depiction of data (through charts, graphs and infographics) has entered the mainstream as a commonplace way to illustrate something understandable about the real world. As the visual language of these formats enters the everyday, the vocabulary of visual culture is shifting and evolving.

I’m exploring my observations through the making of both tangible, material-based artworks in a traditional form (such as painting and installation/sculpture), and virtual images and animations. I am particularly concerned with the influence of screen images, digital image-making, and the visual representation of data on the practice of painting. This kind of approach has been called “post analog” or “post digital”.

My digital drawings and animations respond to and reflect the aesthetics of data science and data depiction. Despite the forms and shapes contained, they are decidedly not illustrative, graphic or graphic “designed”. Instead, they are an entirely painterly response (in a digital medium) to the reference materials, and as such encompasses all the implications and complications of that adjective. As such, painterly marks and digital depictions of traditional materials like linen canvas and other supports are included in my  image making vocabulary.

As digital artworks the works also poses open ended questions about authenticity, virtuality and the materiality of art objects.