Media and Installation Projects

3D GIF-Fieldhouse_Flower


GIFS made from analog film photography and digital image making.

Film Still from The Healing Room (Seer)

The Healing Room

An experimental stop-motion film installation exploring magical thinking and cycle of compulsive obsession (MA thesis project).

Foil (2013). The Liquid Gesture. Digital Photograph.

The Liquid Gesture

A transmedia installation including a haiku, blueprints and scrolls, foil presses of liquid gestures, and a stop motion video projection.


Give and Take

A participatory, time-based sculptural exchange that shifts from a idealist, homogenous and modernist grid to an organic dystopia, documented through an ongoing ‘zine.


Sound Works

Experimental soundtracks in the form of perpetual canons using only the artists voice and simple body-based percussion.



An experimental narrative, including self-portraiture, launched at ISEA 2015 over SnapChat and now posting on Facebook

A 30 minute looped video projection of cut-out hands circling recursive gesturing. Taken from fashion magazine advertisements, the imagery references desire and fantasy and those things out of reach. Symbolic also of Mexican Milagrosa charms, the animation recalls notions related to the "hand of the artist".


A looping stop motion projection referencing the pictorial gestures of luxury commodification and the votive hand of the artist.

Studio installation of The Aviary. Acrylic, charcoal and oil on canvas with wood. (2013)

The Aviary

A psychological portrait created through a theatrical installation of expanded paintings displayed as stretched hides and skins.