Looking at two Patricks

Patrick Caulfield (1936 – 2005), was an English painter and printmaker known for his bold canvases, which often incorporated elements of photorealism within a pared-down scene. This Patrick Caulfield painting reflects much of my current research, and the searching, processing and testing I’m undertaking in the studio. To describe it, there is a minimal composition and areas in monochrome rendered in sculpted impasto. Passages of high detail create a stark and collage like contrast between trompe l’oeil realism and abstraction created through compositional simplification. Caulfield mostly depicted still lifes or interiors and only occasionally with human figures.

Patrick Nagel (1945 – 1984) was an American artist and illustrator. Nagel’s highly styled and slick graphic illustrations of women and men predominated the 1980’s including publication in Playboy magazine. Highly inspired by aspects of computer design and digital printing graphics, there are elements in these works that have resurfaced in the zeitgeist of current, contemporary visual culture. In addition to the visual elements, the balancing act between good and questionable taste, and a highly stylized approach continues to feel relevant to me in my investigations.Nagel almost exclusively depicted figures and is know mostly for his images of women.