New Reading

I’m just back from the UK from my MA Fine Art final “thesis” exhibition. I spent the week after my final show in London soaking up as much art as possible. I went to as many galleries in the East London/Bethnal Green area as possible along with Mayfair establishments, and the usual institutions (Royal Academy and the Tate’s). I saw the Turner Prize 2014 exhibition before the winner was announced. I also spent an overwhelming hour or so in the Tate Modern bookstore. So many books to read my brain started to explode. As I was traveling, I had to stick to small and lightweight paperbacks. I chose three for my next reading list: Groove : A Phenomenology of Rhythmic Nuance, by Tiger Roholt; What Joins Us Comes Before What Divides Us, a dystopian novel by Michael Schindhelm; and Event, Slavoj Zizek’s book about the concept of the event. Details are on the reading list page of this journal.