Cheap Date

Cheap Date

Selected from 2017 – 2018



Oil and soft wax medium on paper. Dimensions: 8 1/2″ x 11″. Travelling with “Got it for cheap, Worldwide” to Vancouver, New York CIty, Copenhagen, Oslo and Los Angeles.

#cyberspace #avatar #postanalog #postanalogpainting #negativespace #IRL #feels #photoshop #transparency #gifgif #remix #virtual #binarycode #belfie #kinkyboots #powermudra #doublefie #onesandzeros #dropshadow #sgraffito


Statement: The work is in the territory of “post analog” and takes methods, approaches, and techniques of digital image making in software programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects back into made-by-hand oil and soft wax paintings and graphite drawings.

Every work starts with binary graphite drawings coded in marks of dots and dashes. The recognizable gray and white grid denoting transparency layers in Photoshop is also utilized.

Gestural brush marks then contrast with dense impasto silhouetted shapes rendered in variations of neutral photo gray (a tone that is essential for white balancing photographic images).

Subject matter is representational (figure or still life) and documents the negative space around figures in metaphorical conversation about the relationship of the body or object IRL (in real life) to the body in virtual reality or cyberspace. Compositions recall layflat product shots, selfies, or other common visual memes played out over social media channels such as Instagram.

Sgraffito is used to cut through and reveal the layers in repetitive patterns and further emphasize the physical presence of the materials. Drop shadows are then applied to heighten the sense of 3-dimensional space on the obsessively textured picture plane.