Boots on the Dance Floor



I make figure-based paintings and drawings with implied narratives that attempt to convey the humour, frustration, delights, and contradictions of our contemporary experience. I am particularly interested in the experience of contemporary women. 

My narratives often allude to the allegorical or archetypical, sometimes in a satirical manner, and draw as much from social media as from myth or history. The way in which I paint combines the traditional with the novel through contrasting techniques, materials, and methods and often shifting between the painterly and the graphic. 

I believe that the intersection between digital and analog technology is the distinct marker for our times. I want to make artworks that are underscored by this tension as a way of making interesting, relevant, and truly contemporary paintings. To that end, the content of my paintings includes interpretations of the visual gestures, symbols, and marks of digital imaging tools, virtual spaces, data visualization, animation, and media advertising.