The Aviary is a theatrical installation of expanded paintings. The concept is that of a walk-in bird cage behind which a closed-eyed Birdwatcher ironically keeps watch. The installation is effectively a psychological landscape of what exists inside the mind of this silent film star-like protagonist.

The paintings are both on loose canvas and clear Duralar. Many of the forms have been cut out in order to treat the oil paintings like bricolage or photo-collage and to render them less precious, and more animated. Some assemblages take the form of Asian fighting kites and some are like hunting trophies. The Duralar pieces resemble single, cel (celluloid) animation frames. Both sides of the image are revealed through the material and the installation.

“I’m currently working through my master’s degree in Fine Art (Studio). I spent most of the last year making photographic, collage-based stop motion animation and installation work. With this body of work I’ve returned exclusively to painting as a way to reintroduce it amongst the other ideas I’m exploring. I also just really wanted to move paint around again without having to think too much.”

“In working with expanded painting, I also created a story in my head about what the outcome would be if I went hunting, caught and skinned a painting and hung the pelt to dry.”

The Aviary has been exhibited:

Quinary Projects, Vancouver BC Canada. July 2012