Post Internet Painting: Michael Staniak

I’ve discovered that Australian artist Michael Staniak is interested in many of the same ideas about the place of painting in this time of digital technology. Staniak is a materials and process-based artist also interested in the concepts and aesthetics of his abstract, texture, and colour field contemporary paintings. My outcomes are and will be different from Staniak’s but here are some similar ideas I am also pursuing in my current studio research and in my collaborative project Double Negative with book and text contemporary artist Emma Lehto:

  • Illusion versus image (IRL – in real life versus on screen; trompe l’oeil)
  • the hand of the artist replicating the look of a digitally made image
  • the relationship of the surface of a painting and the surface of a digital screen
  • painting at this time in the history of images and visual culture

Additional ideas that can be stimulated through Staniaks’ work which I gleaned from an online interview between the artist and Jeffrey Uslip, Chief Curator of the Contemporary Art Museum, St Louis:

  • code as underpainting
  • revealing the digital “code” as a way of revealing the process
  • how a computer sees images versus how human eyes need to see the image
  • digital debris as raw material for pigments or sculptural materials
  • abstraction/interpretation of an image as seen through the eyes of a computer