“I’m not a musician. I can’t really sing. I’m a painter and a photographer who also make time-based media installations for which these works are the soundtrack. They contain digital recording glitches and are supposed to sound human, imperfect (off key), and a bit earnest — possibly even embarrassingly so. They are kind of like remembering parts of music but being unable to remember all of it and correctly; just remembering certain distinctive parts…probably the parts that almost allow you to place the whole.”

In 2018, I was in a car accident after which it took a while to recognize that I had actually sustained a fairly significant brain injury. Part of my symptoms was a loss of memory — mostly short term memory and also an inability to recall some language vocabulary and strangely, people’s names. Losing my memory made me want to revisit and continue to make these sound artworks. They are a sound collage of badly remembered musical phrases and half melodies composed together with utterances and simple percussion created with my own body, striking myself or other things at hand. Sometimes a metronome provides the framing device keeping the elements together.