I make figure-based paintings and drawings with implied narratives that attempt to convey the humour, frustration, delights, and contradictions of our contemporary experience. I am particularly interested in the experience of contemporary women.

My narratives often allude to the allegorical or archetypical, usually in metaphor and sometimes in a satirical manner. I draw as much from social media as from myth or history. The way in which I paint combines the traditional with the novel through contrasting techniques, materials, and methods and often shifting between the painterly and the graphic. As a child I was terrified by most cartoons. The cacophony and the illogical suspension of disbelief deeply disturbed me. I now utilize elements of the visual language of cartoons, comics, and animation to access the power these mediums have to deliver a subversive or conflicting message through their immediate optical accessibility.

My narratives, drawn for a conjunction of collected ideas and images, allude to the allegorical or archetypical as a way of seeking the universal. In some bodies of work I create revisionist histories to advance these ideas forward.

My figures are are not always shown in their entirety because I’m interested in the way that a gesture or the indication of a limb can stand in for a whole body. Sometimes I use fragmented and perforated bodies as a way of exposing the inner and outer simultaneously.  I’m also interested in how much information is enough to convey meaning.

I’m interested in the poetics of gesture and the choreography of narrative. I explore what meaning can be derived from the negative space around figures as much as from the figures themselves. Negative space is also a metaphor for the unspoken or the overlooked.

I will cut in close to my partial figures to emphasize both the gestures and the negative space. The  cropping and angles of my compositions are heavily influenced by photography, in particular the 35mm, 50mm and 70 mm lenses of documentary and street photographers.

Sometimes I think like a filmmaker.