What if, instead of being born in sterile, dust free, colourless tombs of artificial conception, digital technology was still organic, and of-the-body? (Akin to the genesis and organic origins of most human-developed technology such as medicine.)  What if technology, and our means to access the alternative dimension it affords us, was still moist, viscous, and embodied? What if our personal devices instead being merely personified and decorated like lap dogs, were truly anthropomorphic? In this revisionist scenario, tablets that have fallen ill require leeches to purge bad data, and smartphones dropped from high suffer concussive symptoms like headaches and memory lapses. Sex and procreation, the most unlikley thing, now enters the arena and certain brands of flip phones will breed like rabbits if left unchaperoned. 

These tablet sculptures have been born of the labour of metaphorical motherboards. They can be adopted as talismans for various emotional and physical needs. They are the size of personal digital devices with anatomically correct and ergonomic features. Orifices, labia, and sphincters are in the location of selfie cameras. Divots and dimples collect bodily fluids. Buttons and switches are turgid protuberances. You can turn them on or put them back in your pocket. 

Present also are flashes of the vivid colours like a courting show of plumage or the dangling lures of sexed flora. Some patinas seem organic and ancient, and some seem to be captured directly from the screen.