Animals are the radical technology of the future – Katja Novistkova

Far too late I discovered this TEDx talk by artist Katja Novistkava from 2014 in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. My takeways include that  the internet is a form of an attention economy. Content vies for our attention, which is naturally limited. Through it’s form – browsable pages, the internet also flattens and democratizes the content. However certain things trigger our emotions and gain our attention more than other objects and forms (in particular human created objects and forms). Animals, in particular cute or baby animals always trend as attention getting images. Animals, and our attention given to them, predict what the future will need to become.

Animals are the radical technology of the future. They gain our attention and stir our emotions more than any technology can. Mutant forms will arise from the need to evolve for the future ecological changes to the earth.