Classic movie trailers

I’m still intrigued by the structure, dramatisation, and voice overs in classic movie trailers. I’m still interested in using elements in new video works. Unlike the films the source of my inspiration promote, in this case the trailer is the work.

Francesco Vezzoli has worked with similar ideas, but more literally than the way in which I want to work. His 2005 project at the Venice Biennale which was a fake trailer for a fake remake of the film ‘Caligula,’ which included Benicio Del Toro and Courtney Love. In 2007, his fake political debate Democrazy pitted Sharon Stone against Bernard Henri-Levy in competing campaign advertisements.

The 1978 promotion for Woody Allen’s film Interiors (his homage to Ingmar Bergman) intersperses critical commentary on the film in voice over and text cut between atmospheric clips from the theatrical footage.