I want to make you curious

I am interested in making intense and intimate little paintings. Paintings that are strange and complicated. Paintings that look like something new. Paintings that complicate themselves as they are made through layers, and rules, and a “system”. The paintings then fight against that same rigor to retain their moments of painterliness and intuitive gesture.

They have an alien beauty.

They are not “deskilled” — they are heavily constructed.

The colours are riotous and the textures and brush strokes are luscious. You can almost imagine a smell. You want to lick them but you are completely uncertain about how they will taste. Bitter metallic, sweet and sour, or salty? Are they like petrol, earth, and bubble gum coated in cinnamon powder?

You’ll have to try.

I want them to be unfamiliar but curious.

I want to make you curious.