Technology has become part of our nature

Japanese photographer Taisuke Koyama looks for new possibilities in photography to answer certain questions about how an image is transformed through the effects of natural phenomena, digital devices and the media. In stating that he believe technology has become part of our nature, he also asks how does the image feed our senses and our own internal image data?

“His abstract photographs and moving images employ experimental production methods to investigate the relationship between organic processes and phenomena and the technologies that facilitate their visual capture.”

I’m interested in his work and ideas because I feel like myself he curious about the current relationship between culture, society, and the physical world that exists between the real and the digital and what impact that has on contemporary image making. I feel I am seeking for possibilities through painting to answer questions about the nature of the painted image in light of the merging of natural media, digital devices, and digital image making.

Video with Koyama for the Aimia Ago Photography Prize 2017: